About Us

No one knows bicycle chains like Izumi. We started 102 years ago as a maker exclusively of high-quality bicycle chains. In the century since, bicycles have changed dramatically: from one gear to 12, with increasingly sophisticated drivetrains that require light, durable, efficient chains for peak performance. At every step, Izumi continues to drive innovation in bicycle chains with advances in materials, surface treatments, and design. Today, Izumi remains family owned and operated, and manufactures more than 4.5 million bicycle chains a year, including the legendary Super Toughness, and chains for Shimano’s high-end road, mountain and e-bike groups, all made entirely in Japan.

Over The Years

1916: Izumi Chain is founded in Osaka, Japan as a maker of high-quality bicycle chains.

1954: Izumi achieves licensing for the rigorous JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) for bicycle chain manufacturing, which sets engineering requirements for tensile and fatigue strength, and wear resistance, among other parameters.

1976: Izumi starts manufacturing bicycle chains for Shimano.

1981: Izumi patents a multi-speed chain design that becomes the prototype for all multi-speed chains currently sold today 

1985: As indexed shifting takes hold and rear cogs increase in number, Izumi pioneers narrow chains with bushless (flush) pins for quieter, lower-friction performance.

1990: Izumi invents the breakaway chain connector pin, co-patented with Shimano.

1995: Nine-speed drivetrains spur Izumi to create super-narrow chains and even more sophisticated side-plate shaping for smoother, faster shifts.

2010: Izumi achieves ISO 9001 quality management certification. 

2017: Izumi opens the high-tech PCN Factory for chain assembly, its third manufacturing facility. 

2019: Izumi opens a US subsidiary and continues its robust R&D program to create new innovations in drivetrain technology.