Derailleur Chains

Izumi has been making chains since before multi-speed drivetrains existed, so it stands to reason that we’ve been at the forefront of every step in drivetrain innovation. The flush-pin multi-speed chain design we patented in 1981 is the basis for all multi-speed chains made today. Upgrade your bike with one of our 410 or CIC800 chains for the quietest, most dependable drivetrain you’ll ever ride.


All the style and durability of the 410 in a chain made for 5-6 speed bicycles.


Our lightest and most versatile derailleur chain, the CIC800 (Click Index Chain) series offers long-running durability with a fully bushless link and flush connecting pins for the quietest, smoothest-shifting derailleur chain you can buy for 6-7 speed indexed shifting systems.