Track Chains

Whether in the last lap of a keirin heat or waiting at a stoplight, when it’s time to go there can be no hesitation, and no doubt that your equipment will perform perfectly. Izumi track chains are trusted by everyone from world champions to alleycat champions.

Super Toughness

You won’t find a stronger, longer-lasting, or more beautiful chain than the legendary Super Toughness, made from pure Japanese steel.

410 Series

There’s no better chain for the price than the hard-working 410 series. And with seven different color combinations including the signature Jet Black finish, there’s a 410 that’s perfect for your ride.

410 Collaborations

Given the boundless creativity in fixie culture, a chain should never limit your personal expression of style. Izumi is proud to partner on special collaborations in chain design, like our longstanding association with MASH SF.