All bicycle chains have five parts: plates (inner and outer), connecting pins, bushings, and rollers. Izumi manufactures every part in our three factories, which are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery developed exclusively for making chains.

We use 100 percent pure Japanese steel in our Izumi-V “Super Toughness” chain, selected after years of diligent research and testing. The right steel is essential; too soft, and it will wear quickly, reducing efficiency and requiring frequent replacement. But too hard, and it becomes brittle and prone to cracks. And the right steel for chain plates is different than the optimal alloy for pins, or bushings, or rollers. Over 100 years, Izumi has painstakingly identified which materials are perfect for every part of the chain. The result: longer-wearing, quieter, more efficient chains, for dependable drivetrains on every shift, and every pedal stroke.